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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 19, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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now meet some tech savvy dogs. it's the skyping dog. this dog talks to her owner on skype when he's away. and check out these two dogs skyping with each other. >> those are some cute pooches. >> (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> tonight at eight. police are investigating a deadly shooting after gunfire erupts at the bay fair bart station in san leandro. this is scene video from earlier today from when that bart station was shut down for several hours as police investigated the shooting. dead a female in the
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hospital. kron 4's alecia reid was at the scene and she brings us >> reporter: in the middle of a saturday afternoon the shots rang out. the female was rushed to hospital and expected to be okay. >> in the middle of the date now you have to worry about getting shot on a saturday. >> reporter: we counted dozens of shell casings on the ground. the bart police were at the station and got to the crime scene. nearly immediately upon our arrival. >> usually barred is extremely safe would not have a lot of shootings or incidents is on bart. i think they should feel secure >> reporter: the bart station was closed. with a bypass of nearly six hours as investigators canvassed the scene. in the meantime,
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there were rerouted. >> we're always concerned any time a shooting concerned it is not typical this is a 'atypical' event there is one person detained and people are being interviewed. >> people to not value life. this could have been something over some silly argument or something. >> they are recovering d video from ac transit and also surveillance from any possible leads. and san leandro, alecia reed, kron 4. >> also in san leandro.a major water main break impacts travel and shuts down a roadway. parts of foothill boulevard were closed tonight - water covering the roadway from carolyn street to manchester road. kron four's jeff bush is in san leandro with the latest on clean-up efforts.
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>> reporter: this flooded street for causing problems on interstate 580. you can see how deep the water was. the water was also very slow to drained. the working crews were doing as much as they could two-stroke slo the flood waters. they say that this broke at the same location about eight years ago. it cost the same kind of damage. there right lane of the boulevard was closed because the road water was too high. as it flowed over the curved that divided the roadway. that the east bay working crews for able to work quickly that was is keeping and another thing that helped out is that this roadway is not used that often. the night time working crews for able to get to the problems and there has been a lower
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impact to drivers. jeff bush, kron 4. >> off the field drama for the 49ers.right before they play for the right to go to the super bowl. star reciever michael crabtree is now at the center of a sexual assault investigation.and now crabtree's lawyer is weighing in. san francisco police are investigating the alleged incident, that said to have happened at a san francisco hotel early sunday morning - just hours after crabtree helped the niners blow out the packers. police say crabtree is cooperating in the investigation. and has not been detained or arrested.he is expected to play in tomorrow's n-f-c championship game. and late today crabtree's lawyer released a statement quote- "michael fully cooperated with the inspectors and will continue to do so throughout the investigation. out of respect and integrity for the process, we have no further comment at this time." >> we are now less than 24 hours away from tomorrow's noon kickoff in the nfc championship game between
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the niners and falcons. the winner goes to the super bowl. many 49ers fans are already in atlanta tonight getting warmed up for tomorrow's big game. kron 4's j.r. stone also made the trip.and he and has spent the day with niners die hards from the bay area. >> reporter: just 2,400 mi. away from san francisco i am in hotlanta however, it is colder here than san francisco. but that has not stopped the niners fans are making their presence known. >> i m here to show the gloves. >> we are going to brave the eight t l me and my wife are also flying here as well. >> is cool. we are going to take it. >> super bowl. >> go 49ers. >> 49ers nation ....
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>> i see that you have the giants. >> you know that there is a football gear. >> i brought an atlanta falcons all the way from san francisco. >> you live in san francisco? from a yes, diehard. and we are here. we are here to see them beat down and price up by tuesday. ms. rice up. >> we hear that on the news, the " " rise up''.. >> i have come across my share of falcons fans. besides the fact that they know that i'm from san francisco, they have been friendly and accepting. kron 4, j. r.. >> our team coverage continues with felipe to call. and your local pond
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phillipe djegal-large crowds. found large crowds. crabtree is expected to play >> on the sunday, all of these television screens will be for the championship game. >> we are the only one that highlight the score. we promote the crowd. here at home. with kron four's philippeif you're thinking about tomorrow.plan on big crowds. the castron is san francisco niners? check out hi-tops. it's billed as the district's first true sports bar. television screens will be hi tops opened on marketjust in time for the niner's championship run. wild. standing room only crowds. and, a sea of red and gold. same goes for giordano brothers in north beach.
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on saturday, fans watched hockey. this is typically a bar dedicated to pittsburgh sports. but the steelers are not in the playoffs. so the bar says a large niners contingent is expected sunday. like they've shown up in the past. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. friends and family were back out on the streets of hayward passing out flyers for a missing teen. 13 year old delicia moreno was last seen on thursday morning at the burbank elementary school where her younger county sheriff's believe moreno ran away with 22 year old rubin polanco. delicia's mother believes polcanco abducted her and may try to leave the country with her. delicia's mother says the sheriff's department is not doing enough to find her daughter.
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>> i do not even know. i called someone today and they still haven't returned my phone calls. i asked them if they have the video from over there. i know that burbank, they were willing to show us the video her walking. so, i'm like what's going on? where is all my help. i have community help but where is the police department help? >> delicia's mother says they have not had any arguments and does not think she would run away from home. >> a really nice day around the bay. sunshine and warm temperatures. even 70's in some places. 70 degrees with low 60s for the east bay. san jose, and nearly 70 and half moon bay. the maverick surf competition will be held tomorrow we will see
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some cool nights for the next couple of days. with 30's and again, and for most of the, 20's. with mid upper 20s. for most of the-bay area is. santa rosa, fairfield, with a 27 degrees. 30's in the south bay. hayward, oakland and san francisco. the mid 40's and even though the weather is tranquil. we do have a fierce waves with a high surf advisory. in addition, we will see a strong recurrent for the mavericks' competition. possibly dangerous this weekend along the coast more details on that, coming up. >> the coast guard is warning people to be on the
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lookout for waves that could be up to 20 ft.! the fight to protect the second ammendment generates passion and anger in pacifica today. why some who normally take a back seat are now stepping plus.similar pro-gun rallies across the country. how social media is playing a role. and the hostage crisis in algeria is now over.we have updated casualty numbers.and what the algerian government is doing right now.
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thousands of gun advocates gathered today in pacifica to rally against stricter limits on firearms. >> the group included families kron 4's jeff pierce spoke to advocates at the event celebrating their 2nd amendment right. >> pisspeaking throu
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megaphone) this is were we draw a line in the sand. we are not going to back up we are not going to blink this is our right. >> reporter: hundreds of people who have felt threatened by the national conversation about gun violence in this country attended an event in pacifica saturday afternoon celebrating the 2nd ammendment. (singing 'star spangled bannar") >> reporter: cloaked in the flag and the national anthem their voices reflected a defiance to what they percieved as an encroachment of constitutional rights. >> i believe in the 2nd amendment, i was taught to obey the law and i'm here to support it. >> the 2nd amendment we gotta have it. >> i'm not an nra member, i don't usually do these types of things i just feel i need to make myself heard a little bit >> reporter: beyond the rhetoric of anger and defiance there were those who felt the recent tragedy that has brought gun rights to the national stage has
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been taken too far. >> i have children and i was appalled just like everyone else in this country about what happened in newtown but i really felt strongly about certain politicians, the president and other politicians and some of the gun control advocates manipulating the newtown tragedy for their purposes. >> reporter: a small contingent of those gun control advocates stood at the fringe of the gathering in silent opposition. >> some of us are gun owners that believe that president obama's plan is the correct thing to do right now. >> the president and the vice president have proposed reasonable rules to register, to keep violence out of our schools. i would think the people on the other side of the parking lot would agree with those rules. >> if there were measures out there that would minimize these things let's do it. but getting rid of guns and infringing on peoples 2nd amendment rights punishing the constitutional rights of millions of law abiding citizens because of a few
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crazy madmen who do horrible, horrible things that doesn't seem right to me or really anybody else here. >> reporter: if one thing was clear it was that this country's dialoge on guns was far from being resolved. >> do it for your kids, do it for your grandkids. god bless you and thank you very much. >> reporter: in pacifica jeff pierce kron four news. >> those in pacifica were just part of the thousands of gun supporters gathered across the u-s to rally *against stricter limits on firearms. this is video of supporters rallying in the illinois capitol today. the demonstration was organized by a group calling itself "guns across america." on its facebook page, the group says the rally is efforts. this comes after president obama unveiled a sweeping package of federal gun- >> five people were hurt in
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accidental shootings at gun indiana and ohio today. this is video of scene at the dixie gun and knife show in raleigh, north carolina. authorities say a 12-gauge shotgun was discharged when its owner unzipped the case during a security check at the entrance of the show. two people were struck by shotgun pellets and were taken to the hospital. >> in indiana, a man was unloading his.45-caliber semi-automatic when he shot his hand and in ohio, a gun dealer was checking out a semi- automatic handgun he'd bought when he accidentally pulled the trigger the bullet ricocheted off the floor and struck a friend's arm and leg. >> after four long and sometimes bloody days.the hostage standoff at a gas facility in algeria appears to be over. algerian authorities are saying that the military phase of the operation is over but they are still
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working to secure the sight. one american has died - two others are unaccounted for. a total of 23 hostages and 32 terrorists were killed during the crisis. according to alergia's interior ministry the terrorists first attempted to flee with the hostages but then blew up the facility. at this point 685 algerian workers and 107 foreigners have been freed. however british and norwegian officials are saying that there are still several people who are unaccounted for. >> clear skies on this saturday night and mild temperatures. a look outside through san francisco a nice evening. temperatures in the 50s in a lot of places. san jose state university, the meteorology department showing clear and cool with mild temperatures. also fog
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forming in the north bay. limited visibility with one- quarter of 1 mi. expected. for tomorrow, we do have that will start with a sunny and warm day. a lot like we saw today. sunshine and more afternoon temperatures with 60s. nearly 70 degrees and the view from the satellite looking at clouds not releasing that many over california. high clouds and all of those to the south pacific typically have stormy weather in january. they are trying to make a towards california but running into a roadblock. eventually, towards wednesday that storm could be coming our way and the
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chance for some rainfall. tomorrow, temperatures in the 60s. sunshine and a beautiful day in the east bay. low 60s and cooler for the inland valleys. antioch, look for 60s with a 66 degrees 65 through napa, san mateo. and monday, looking nice. tuesday, similar for the next three days sunshine, cool nights warm days. mostly cloudy and the forecast is showing just a little bit of light rain. that is mainly to the north bay. this week's system with mostly sunny skies expected.
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>> presidential inaguration monday. but the obama's are not resting in advance. how the president and first lady spent their saturday morning getting down and dirty.
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>> president barack obama and vice president joe biden kicked off the inauguration weekend today with projects for the national day of service. obama spent the morning with his wife staining shelves at an elementary school in washington. meanwhile biden spent the day with his family at the national guard armory. filling care kits for deployed troops. the national day of service clinton coinciding with m-l- k day. the federal holiday rights leader. the day is meant for people to volunteer their time to helping others in honor of martin luther king. the national day of service is helping kick off a weekend of inaugural events. the first one already took place earlier tonight. the kids inaugural concert! first lady michelle obama and daughters sasha and malia rocked out with hundreds of kids from
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military families and washington-area public schools. the concert included katy perry, mindless behavior, usher and members of the cast of the fox series "glee." the concert continues a tradition started at the 2009 inauguration by honoring the nation's military families. president obama will have two swearing-ins: a public ceremony on monday and a private one tomorrow. we'll have more on the preparations for the big event coming up. >> there is a constant battle on who is right, who is wrong on the next edition of people behaving badly.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving attention to the man >> walking away from the camera . let's stop the video right here. now the question is will the postal truck do the right thing and yield to the pedestrian lets roll the video. nope, and it wasn't like the driver was in a rush he parked a few feet away. the law states that a driver shall yield the right away to a pedestrian in a marked or unmarked crosswalk. no where does it say driver should try to beat the pedestrian crossing the street but at 6 and folsom in san francisco. you will find driver doing just that, not yielding to people who are legally in a crosswalk.
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no matter what the person is carrying you must yield to the pedestrian. now if they are riding a bicycle they don't get to use the crosswalk like a pedestrian, just like scooter's riders can't use the sidewalk. now there are two sides to every coin and theat is pedestrians don't get to cross just because there is a green ligh.t if you don't have the walk symbol you need to wait on the sidewalk until you do. there has been a constant battle between the pedestrians and drivers over crosswalks with both sides breaking the law. but just remember this if you are on foot even if you ar in the right and you get hit you still lose. in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news.
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>> americans are preparing to swear-in the nation's 44th president for a second
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term come this monday and to kick off the festivites. a parade! we broke down the route the parade will take. it is scheduled to start in front of the capital building around 2:30 p-m on monday. the president will be escorted by sixteen floats as he makes his way along the one-point-five mile route to the white house. eight of the floats will have custom designs. four of them will represent the home states of the presidents and vice- presidents families. and the last four will honor the progress that the nation has made throughout its history. for more on what the inauguration means to our nation. tom foreman has the details. >> reporter: all across the nation. by planes, trains, and automobiles. the faithful are converging on the capital. from georgia, maurice madden made the journey last time to see barack obama take the oath. now, it will cost him about three thousand dollars and a couple days of vacation, but he's going again. >> "i knew on the night that he was re-elected as president of the united states, that i wanted to return to washington to be
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part of this celebration." >> reporter: the last inauguration saw one-point- eight million americans braving the freezing temperatures, the crushing crowds, to witness this quadrennial moment. this year, the crowds are not expected to be as big. >> "hey, nice to see you again, welcome back." >> reporter: but still enough to fill hotels like the historic willard where steve blum says he has met seven presidents. >> "i got a fist bump from obama." >> reporter: and everyone has learned that the festivities are not really about any one person. >> "what we celebrate is that we have the greatest democracy on this planet and that we can have this transition of power, whether it be a second term or whatever, like no other country can." >> "you might not like the president, you might not like his politics, but he's the only one we have." >> reporter: theodore roosevelt, in 1905, was the first president to draw massive crowds. but, in 1945, franklin
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roosevelt called off the big party when world war two was raging. historian douglas brinkley. >> "but that was a very unique year, 1945, and most normal situations, even if we're in a recession or we're in a foreign war we still throw pretty big inaugurals." >> reporter: for maurice madden. it is mainly a big moment. >> "i do believe that if i'm blessed to live to be an old man, i'll be able to look back on all of this and say, you know, that i was part of american history and that really means a lot to me." >> reporter: a big part of his american journey. tom foreman, c-n-n, washington. >> hundreds of thousands of people will be able to witness the event. but they won't be able to share the event as easily as they would hope. >> it looks like it is going
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to be a bit more mild than it was four years ago. partly to mostly cloudy skies with a few late shower possibilities. clear skies and relatively mild. 50s. has to go through tonight and after midnight temperatures will be dropping into the 30's. 20's. the coolest spot will be in the inland valleys. patchy fog in the north bay. sunny through the day as temperatures are warm to start out. 20's and 30's but as recall for the late morning we will see 60s in most locations. '70s and how
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long this nice weather will stick around >> san francisco, san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi and his wife eliana lopez are being sued by their neighbors. ivory madison andclaim mirkarimd lopez accused them of lying to police. they also charge mirkarimi and lopez of being part of a political conspiracy to make money. the accusations came after lopez confided in madison about a december 20-11 incident in which mirkarimi grabbed his wife's arm during an argument. madison recorded a video of lopez recounting the incident and then reported it to police days later. that video became the centerpiece of the domestic mirkirimi. >> cyclist lance armstrong confesses to doping and now the world around him has changed. ed lavandera takes a closer look. >> reporter: just after the u-s anti-doping agency released it's "reasoned decision" report last october condemning lance armstrong as a doper. the
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cycling icon made his first public appearance in one of the few safe places he had left. armstrong had just stepped down as the chairman of livestrong, days before the foundation's annual ride for the roses charity biking event in austin, texas. he was surrounded by more than 4-thousand cyclists. many of them cancer survivors. >> "obviously it has been interesting and as i said the other night, at times very difficult few weeks people ask me a lot how you doing, well i've been better but i've also been worse." as the lance armstrong myth >> reporter: has unraveled over the years. he's now often criticized for using his relationship with cancer survivors and the livestrong foundation to salvage his public image. it's been called the "magic cancer shield." texas monthly magazine writer michael hall has profiled lance armstrong extensively. >> "the foundation does this incredible work then he starts to kind of use this
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foundation as kind of a shield, a convenient shield sometimes. so, people here are skeptical on the one hand because of the way he does that, but they are also still clearly impressed that he started this thing." >> ed: "you're still wearing the wristband?" >> "still have my >> ed: "not taking that off?" >> "no." >> reporter: cancer survivor jean anne booth worries the livestrong foundation will be hurt by lance armstrong's fall from grace. in 2007, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> ed: "is there any part of you that thinks that lance armstrong used his livestrong and cancer story to mask this darker side of him, as kind of a shield to protect himself?" >> "from my perspective, regardless of what he did that wasn't what we would want in terms of doping while he was riding. on the other hand, he also accomplished something that nobody else in the world has been able to accomplish for cancer survivors." >> reporter: but what many people are struggling to reconcile, despite lance
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armstrong's apologies for doping, is why a hero to so many people would act like such a bully. many of those watching armstrong's televised confession have little sympathy. >> "he'll never have the trust or respect of this city ever again." >> "i'd like to think at some point he would be forgiven, but the reality is i think he burned those bridges long time ago." >> "i want to love lance. i still love him i guess at heart, but i think it's really shady that he kept this from us for so long." >> reporter: two to months ago, lance armstrong tweeted this picture of himself, laying on his couch surrounded by 7 yellow tour de france jerseys. at the time, it was another shot of defiance and arrogance. now it looks like a lonely snapshot of a fallen hero. the last person clinging to a decade of lies. >> giants general manager brian sabean told the new york post today that he doesn't believe former giants closer brian wilson will be returning to the team this season.
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during the interview sabean said he didn't think that wilson was far enough along in his rehab to show anyone that he can still perform at a major league level. wilson was nontendered in november leaving the three time all star without a team. he made only two appearances last year before having reconstructive surgery on his elbow for the second time. former notre dame football star manti te'o is speaking out about the scandal surrounding him. on friday te'o spoke in an interview with e-s-p-n about reports that surfaced surrounding his girlfriend who never existed. that he said died from leukemia last fall. te'o used the death of his grandmother and the alleged death of his girlfriend to motivate him on the field and lead notre dame to the championship game. over the last few days te'o has been subjected to immense amounts of criticism. but has maintained that he was a victim of the hoax and
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played no part in it. >> stan musial, one of baseball's greatest hitters and a hall of famer with the st. louis cardinals for more than two decades, has died. stan the man won seven national league batting titles, was a three-time mvp and helped the cardinals capture three world series championships in the 1940s. he died saturday evening at his home surrounded by family. he was 92. legendary pro baseball manager earl weaver has died. known as "the earl of baltimore", weaver led the city's orioles to four american league pennants and a world series title. he passed away today of an apparent heart attack. he was 82 years old. weaver helmed the o's from 19-68 to 19-86, with a brief hiatus in the 1983 and 1984 seasons. the hall of famer will also
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>> a scary attempt on a camera! ahmed dohgan was addressing delegates, when the attacker jumped on stage and pointed at him with a gas pistol. you can see the entire room in shock at the attempt. now lets slow it down. witnesses say the attacker attempted to shoot the party leader, but the gas pistol apparently misfired. security guards wrestled the man to the ground, and police arrested him. he was also reportedly carrying two knives. >> gabe slate tech report with facebook's graph search tool... >> a beautiful day today. '70s. i will let you know
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hall long this will last, coming up. how long
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>> there are privacy concerns on this new item. anything about you, including religion, career, politics can easily be search. >> people ask what are people going to be able to see. we think that it is an important question. we keep
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this very serious and easy. on the home screen. we will see how this will go through a graph search. >> they are trying to prevent another privacy issue. when you've see that privacy setting on your profile home screen do not ignore it thoroughly checked that. and here is my suggestion. go to your privacy settings and adjust your activity log. removing content that your brother not seek searchable. for the time being as this crows
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activit could cut as this-grows friends who likes idling. facebook will use your like s who like -- like cycling. or with lived in kansas, and a single democrat. perhaps you could impact on what you say about yourself. >> we are in the middle of a beautiful holiday weekend. warm temperatures highs in the '60s it is cold at night. this live view through the san pablo ave. 30's through mt. tam. right now, temperatures are mild by the bay. mid '50s hayward, oakland. low 50s.
8:50 pm
fairfield 37 degrees. for tonight look for temperatures to cool off. however, warm temperatures once again. with temperatures returning to the mid-60s. similar for monday, tuesday carbon copies. sunshine, cool mornings but we do have changes coming up on wednesday. the next chance for rainfall. that chance is slight and if it does it looks very light. not a major storm just a few drops for tomorrow, the coolest readings in the north bay. 30's through san jose. san francisco, oakland. it is january is
8:51 pm
normally cold but sunny and warm. 66 degrees will be in the low 60s for concord. livermore. los 60s. the bay. mid-60s possibly 65 degrees in napa. 63 through san mateo and if you like the weather tomorrow it will pretty much be the same thing. but clouds will increase on wednesday for the north bay. >> you know, added dine and dish we're looking for the coolest places and this will certainly qualify. mexican restaurant and a pie shop. this is a labor of love.
8:52 pm
>> people call me the pie lady. >> made from scratch every day these are made that take you back. >> these colorful key lime pies with prickly pear and chocolate cream. miniature pies. >> this is separate breakfast. >> this is paradise. >> i eat pie every day. >> and this mexican from a forme farm to table. >> this is some of the local favorites with smothered court. chips. and a superstar of sandwich. featured in bon appetit. it is described as a mexican
8:53 pm
big mac. or, get a back ru extra napkins or, a margarita. >> it was nice to see jeff pierce. take a look of the difference with president obama some funny moments on his first term.
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for over 60,000 california foster children, nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas to any sleep train, for foster children, big and small. and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> president obama's just days away from being sworn in to his second term in office. we're taking a look back at some of the funniest moments from his first four years. check it out. >> we cannot sustained... [laughter] >> all of you know who i am. >> if you noticed i had a lot more energy in my second debate. i was well rested after a long nap i had in the first debate. the next 100 days my partners and i
8:57 pm
will be so successful that even john boehner will consider becoming a democrat. after all, we have something else in common he is a person of color. [laughter] although not a color that appears in the natural world. lalolnobody is happier or more proud to put this birth for cert to rest in an adult. that is because we can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter like where are biggie and tupak a /(singing) i am
8:58 pm
so in love with you. >> that is the most persistent fly. >> that was great. >> and absolutely. this seven day forecast. >> we will see you at 11:00 p.m..
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